The Greenhouse beautifies your outdoor living space!

Let us create a custom hanging basket or a container (that fits into your own decorative pot)

We are locally owned and provide you with unique annual plants. We specialize in hanging baskets and containers, most of which are pre-ordered by clients desiring their own custom look. We love designing custom pieces and listen very carefully to your specific needs. Once a pre-order is received, we create a client profile and keep a record of your likes and dislikes. We track which plants worked and which didn’t, which is extremely important information for future success, saving you money and guaranteeing satisfaction!

The Greenhouse designs all their hanging baskets and containers in environmentally-friendly paper pulp liners. The benefit is that it can be custom fit to slip right into your own decorative pot, giving you instant color. There is no planting mess to clean up and less chance of viral or bacterial diseases showing up. Fresh soil and a fresh liner every year encourages healthy and happy plants and the best part is the ease of taking the liner out for winter storage of your pot at season’s end.

Pre-order before March 1 for a custom hanging basket or container with your color palette!

Call 208-661-0448 for a FREE consultation or to place an order.

We take great pride in personalizing your outdoor living space.

4" Annuals

Average cost: $3

14" Hanging Baskets

Average cost: $45

18" Hanging Baskets

Average cost: $80

Unique containers

Average cost: $40-$250

Pre-order before March 1 for a custom hanging basket or container with your color palette!

Place your orders now to get the cream of the crop! Call Kari at 208-661-0448 today!

Watch for the opening of The Greenhouse Mother's Day Weekend!

Basket and Liner Pricing

14" Hanging Basket
18" Hanging Basket
$80 - $90
9" x 9" Liner
11" x 11 " Liner
10" x 14 " Liner
12" x 16 " Liner
14" x 9 " Liner
15" x 10 " Liner
15" x 16 " Liner
18" x 10 " Liner
18" x 12 " Liner
18" x 16 " Liner
21" x 12 " Liner
21" x 16 " Liner
24" x 18 " Liner
  • Delivery and set up fee = $70
  • Custom hanging baskets and liner orders must be ordered before March 1st
  • A consultation is highly recommended
  • Prices valid for this season

Benefit of Liners:

  • Instant color
  • Less disease and viral infections
  • Fresh soil every season for healthy plants
  • Easy to take liner out for winter storage of pots
  • Every year can be a different design or creation
  • Cleaner and easier

Check out some of our beautiful creations!

Meet Kari Glessner

Kari Glessner

Kari Glessner

Owner and Designer

Growing up on a farm and ranch in North Central Montana, I discovered a great enthusiasm for plants and soils. During those youthful years I was a shadowy-sponge working alongside my Granny (paternal grandmother). I developed a great respect for horticulture and its creative opportunities, which drove me to earning a degree in Landscape Design and Horticulture from Montana State University. With creativity running through my blood and 15 years of designing for corporations and residential home owners, I decided to take my studio outdoors. In 2002 I purchased a small plot of land and The Greenhouse was born! My business has grown to 3 large greenhouses packed with elegant hanging baskets, unique containers, and unusual annual plants.  I am an adventurous soul who loves to travel. I am a farm girl at heart, but love New York City. I turned 40 and joined the local roller derby team. I continue to operate a combine and semi-truck for the yearly Montana family harvest. And, I love chickens!

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